Statement on the Verdict in the George Floyd Murder Trial

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Statement on the Verdict in the George Floyd Murder Trial

Tuesday’s verdict in the George Floyd murder trial was an acknowledgment that Black Lives Matter. It was a clarion call for a society and a justice system that needs to be fair and just for all regardless of the color of ones skin. The accountability for George Floyd’s death is merely the first step towards justice. It is a reminder of the important work that lies ahead of us, so that this moment is not forgotten and George Floyd’s death does not become another Black life lost in vain.

America has a long history of systemic racism. African Americans, and African American men in particular, have not been treated throughout the course of our history with the respect and civility deserving of all people. Their lives must be valued in our nation’s education system, health care system, housing system, economic system, and criminal justice system. Until we recognize and appreciate this, none of us are truly free.

We stand with our Community College leaders, faculty, staff, students and alumni in support of confronting systemic racism in all its forms, holding our society and justice system accountable, and creating communities in which everyone is safe. Freedom demands accountability, justice and equal treatment for ALL!

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