Pathway Project Highlight: Optics Technology

The Optics Technology Program at Sussex County Community College (SCCC) has seen continued growth in this year of the NJ Pathways initiative. SCCC offers an AAS degree in Optics Technology and three individual Certificate Programs in Optics Technology (CNC, Metrology, and Conventional). With the continued support of the American Center for Optics Manufacturing (AmeriCom), the Optics Technology program will host its second annual High School Concurrent Professional Development workshop held June 25 – 26, 2024.

Concurrent enrollment has significantly increased, with 26 high school seniors enrolled in Fundamentals of Optics I. Community-based organizations have also continued to grow in this partnership. To date, SCCC has provided over 100 high school students the opportunity to enroll and complete Fundamentals of Optics Technology I. With a newly revised Prior Learning Assessment process, SCCC has provided over 12 optics technology high school students an accelerated pathway to certificate and degree completion. Securing approximately $1.2 million in capital funding through the State of New Jersey for the expansion of the on-campus Optics Technology Center, SCCC will further its reach in course offerings to not only high school partners but also meet the needs of the local and national workforce in this critical industry.

Optics Technology at Sussex County Community College